Interior Design


Interesting and stimulating workplaces

The workplace environment is constantly in a state of change, not only due to the demands of staff, but from commercialisation and changing technology.

Facilities Management


Driven by latest technology

BC Interiors strive to continually meet the increasing demands of our clients, our contractors always give the best recommendations for latest systems

Office Furniture


Making your office work for you

Demand and improvement in manufacturing techniques has meant that office furniture has evolved into many shapes and colours

We are creating clean, powerful and secure interior designs to your needs

Who we are

BC Interiors has evolved over 30 years adapting to the ever changing needs of the client. We try to translate your vision of Business into a tangible asset, making office environments work, for the employee’s and the companies image. A good office helps take the stress out of the workplace and can improve productivity. If your requirement is for one desk, chair, cupboard or a complete refurbishment or relocation,contact us today to see if we can tailor a package to suit you, or just supply you with a desk.

What we do for you?

  • Interior Design
  • Facilities Management
  • Office Furniture

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